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Kairos Graphic
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I am Master of IT in Multimedia from the University of Odense  and have a BA. in English from the University of Copenhagen.

I have worked as a multimedia designer, teacher, journalist, and editor in printed and electronic media.

I have lots of imagination and the ability to cooperate. My graphic expression is a user-friendly design with clean surfaces and lines. Colour wise, I use the entire palette .

I aim for a graphic look that reflects the character of you or your company and the nature of your product.


Kairos (καιρός) is the ancient Greek word for time outside of time, the favorable moment - as opposed to measurable time, Kronos. Kairos time is dynamic - the creative moment when something new comes into existence.

My logo represents the riddle: How to connect nine points with four straight lines without lifting the pencil from the paper?

Solution: You'll have to go outside the "framework" to connect the nine points ...

Marianne Kristensen

Marianne Kristensen